Monday, 22 September 2014

Reflection 109 (equinox)


Today is the second equinox-day of 2014.This means that on most parts of the earth, the length of day and night are almost the same. The sun is located almost exactly above the equator.

I am not at all a believer in astrology nor I am any big in astronomy

But today can be the day of a new beginning.
I had a wonderful discussion with my teenage sons today
I think they are slowly getting more and more matured.

I pray for a new beginning.
The world is good. There is so much goodness.
We just have to manage to tune in.

A new beginning, I dream of it.
When my whole family and me can tune in
tune in together into the good of the world.

Every day can be a new beginning.
I hope for one every day.
and perhaps so true, God is really giving us
a new beginning every day.

I am full of hope today.
I do not care too much whether or not today is equinox
But I surely pray for a new beginning.

The sun has crossed the equator
My son may have crossed
the critical level of maturity that can enable
us to regain a wonderful level of harmony. 

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