Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Reflection 107 (Intentions and reality)

Intentions and reality

Sometimes we have the intention to do something good.
Initially it seems that fate is not helping us to perform our good deed
But then afterwards something much better is happening.

Today I am in Penang, the pearl of the Orient.
I am living at the other side of Peninsular Malaysia, at the east coast.
I am here for a congress in paediatrics.

My brother in law came together with me in my car.
His wife had delivered last week in the place where I live  on the East Coast
and he had to resume his job in Penang, while wife and baby were still there.

I knew he was quite lonely and I intended to invite him for dinner together with my colleagues who are attending the congress. I called his mobile phone and there was no answer. So, a bit frustrated I went to eat with my colleagues without my brother in law.

After dinner I tried to call him again but a woman's voice responded. Actually he had changed his number a few months ago. I got his new number from my wife. And we met over coffee in the hotel.
While we met he had quite a number of questions about his baby. If he had joined the dinner with my colleagues, we would have met in the restaurant and I am sure it would have been quite a boring event for him and he would most likely not have had the opportunity to ask me the questions about his baby.

I think the above is a good illustration of something initially apparently not working out in order to work out in a better way later.

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