Saturday, 26 September 2015


Each human is unique
No one is exactly like us, even not if we have twin or triplet brothers or sisters.
We can choose to focus on all our differences

But as humans we do have so many things in common.
We can choose to focus on what we have in common.

Recently I encountered clocks that turn counterclockwise
the numbers are arranged counterclockwise and everything seems inverted
There was some religious and astronomical explanation given on the why.
That is now a good example of focusing on the wrong thing.

Until recently the whole world has used clocks turning clockwise.
Everyone has been used to it and no one was ever having a doubt what is clockwise and what is counterclockwise. Turning counterclockwise is not worse or better than turning clockwise. It just had been a worldwide convention that clocks turn clockwise and if anyone in the whole world said clockwise, anyone else would know how something was turning

Now religious leaders come to tell that it should be turning the other way.
That creates yet another difference for the followers, they can be proud of.
Our clocks turn like that and the other people's clock turn differently.
Our clocks follow the true teachings and the others are wrong.
To be right while others are wrong is very much on the mind of our leaders.
That is why they feel so useful.

I think it is easy for any common sense person, that how our clocks or watches are turning, does not carry a dime of importance to the world or to our God.
So often I hope that one day we can really give up on finding all the differences between our cultures and the cultures of others soooo important.
So often I hope that one day we can really be aware that what we feel and think in common is what tends to really matter.

There are principles and values that are common to all people, no matter where we live.
Let us get focused on these. There is nothing wrong in appreciating our cultures and rites, practicing them conscientiously. But our culture and our rites do not make us superior or inferior to anyone else.

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