Thursday, 17 September 2015

Do you believe?

Do you believe in a God?
Do you believe in one God?
Do you believe that you do NOT know
 the exact nature of that God?
Or do you believe you know?

Our ancestors believed there was a God
One God. They believed.
They believed they did not know the exact nature of God
So they searched to know more
They searched for Truth

Do you believe our ancestors found the complete and final truth?
Do you believe that between them then and now
quite a number of people have lived who would twist the truth
if they could themselves benefit from it?

Our ancestors have discovered wonderful truths
Not complete and final truths but wonderful truths
In the process they taught us some wonderful prayers
If we sincerely search for truth in our life
we do not have to start from scratch

If we sincerely search for truth
We need knowledge
We do need critical interpretation
We need rational thinking
We need silence and contemplation
We need to connect
We need spirituality

If we are serious in our search
our search will never end.
We will search all traditions
We will distill essentials and try to separate
essentials from corrupted elements that may have crept in
throughout the ages

Sometimes we adopt blindly beliefs from scholars
Sometimes we have done this for decades
If we did this, we may never get back to a sincere search for truth
A search may reveal truths that do not match exactly
what was stamped into our minds by our teachers
This may be much too painful, to go on searching
And that is why searchers for Truth are not liked in many places

Do you believe?
Do you search?
Do you experience?

With Globalization, more people start to search sincerely
Sincere searching will solidify belief in our God
It will weaken the importance of rituals
It will strengthen the kindness, love and wisdom
It will diminish extremism
It will bring people from all races and cultures much closer together


  1. YES, I believe in God! Would stand alongside another human for unity & allowing, peace for all of us...But most important, for the love of GOD our father..I believe we are all brothers & sisters.. Now & Forever!


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