Monday, 28 September 2015

Roots for everyone's heart

Roots For Everyone's Heart - (Aufie Zophy)

There is a tree
A wonderful tree
The tree of kindness
It is the fastest growing tree
In this world, God bless

There is a tree
The wonderful kindness tree
Taking deep roots forever to last
In a million people's heart
Spouting and growing enormously fast

There is a tree
That wonderful kindness tree
It grows so fast, that soon enough
The whole wide world on sea and earth
will be filled with comfort and love

There is a tree
That wonderful tree of kindness
Roots spreading in another million hearts
spouting and growing reaching high and wide
And then in another million hearts it starts

And then another two million
And five million more to come
A billion hearts soon will follow
I already smell its wonderful blossom
Roots in everyone's heart will show

Oh, it is growing so fast, this tree
let's sit and enjoy in its amazing shadow
And just let the roots in your heart grow!

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