Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Eagle

The firm wind caresses
each of my brown eagle feathers
The softness of the fresh air
kisses my white eagle cheeks

Below, the long nipah leaves
wave me a warmhearted welcome
The ripples on the shallow river
greet me with a thousand lights

I soar, i flap once and soar a lot more
Steering a bit to the left and to the right
I reach the beach and the shore,
Turquoise and blue, a lovely sight

A lone unshaven man stands
close to the breaking waves
His arms spread, his eyes closed,
his face towards the winds of the sea

I sincerely wonder:
what kind of poetry can a man write,

If he has never seen the world
Through the eyes of an eagle
If he has never floated above the world
High in the skies like me, the eagle

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