Monday, 28 September 2015


This morning a busy clinic (polyclinic, follow up of the sick new-borns)
At about 1 pm it had finished.
A clinic, if done well is always a bit tiring but also satisfying.
I started my car to go for lunch and drove out of the parking space

That time, my telephone rings.
One of my neighbors: Doctor, are you in the hospital?
Me: No, actually I just left the hospital.
Neighbor: My uncle is admitted to the ward after a traffic accident. He fractured his ribs and is
.     in real pain. We asked the ward doctor, but did not understand why they do not give more
.     medication.
Me: I just left the hospital. After this I 'll be back and have teaching. Will you be in the ward
.     at 4 PM? I will be free then to drop by in the ward
Neighbor: OK, Doctor, I will be there.

Immediately after closing the telephone conversation, I thought: if the man is in pain and I will go and see him only 3 hours from now, what kind of animal am I? I immediately made a u-turn and parked back my car, went to the ward, sought clarification from the ward doctor, called the anesthesiologist who was very nice and came within a very short time. The anesthesiologist explained  the situation in very clear words to the wife, brother and nephew of the patient. She also agreed to increase the pain control gradually while monitoring the side effects closely.

Oh my God. I was so happy to have made that U-turn. I think it was You reminding me about my own values and principles at just the right time. Thanks so much.


  1. Stepping on other people shoes will make us better person

  2. Stepping on other people shoes will make us better person

  3. You're the best sir :')

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      There is always a dilemma, my friend.
      If I have a wonderful experience like this,
      Do I keep it for myself in the name of humbleness or
      Do I share it with my friends in the hope to inspire a bit.

      For a long time I was convinced that keeping it for myself was the best.
      As I get older, and see how much negativity there is in the news and in many people's perception of the world, I feel more and more we all should share our positive experiences as much as we can. The world is getting better fast and I think we need share every bit of good news.

      I think it is quite easy to differentiate the people who boast and do good with that aim, and those sharing with the aim to inspire others a bit.

      Thanks for the comment



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