Sunday, 6 September 2015

No worries about the world

Tonight I witnessed a completely compassionate doctor-patient relationship.
My niece, Jannah, needs an operation for the heart.
The surgeon from Italy came to explain everything about the operation.
He did it in a very compassionate way.
His medical officer translated the whole story in a very compassionate way.
The parents of Jannah were aware of all risks but at the same time very confident.

After i had witnessed the whole event,
I thought for awhile about compassion in this world
There is soooo much of it.
We do not need to worry too much for the world of tomorrow
Compassion is almost everywhere and
almost everywhere it is on the increase

I am so confident.
We are moving to a more compassionate world.
Compassion and kindness increase exponentially
I can't wait for us to reach the inflection point
Once we reach that, we can only dream
what a nice world it will be.

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