Saturday, 9 April 2016


Yesterday I met someone
He was full of self pity
All the problems he faced
he blamed on his parents
on his circumstances
on what happened around him.

And yet, it was him who had made choices
Choices that were basically very wrong.
But taking responsibility
for your choices of the past
is a hard, a very hard thing to do.
It is so much easier to blame others
and to end up in a flurry of self pity.

I hope he can find the courage
to see that the choices he made in the past
have resulted in where he is now.
But that is the past
The past has no power over the future
unless we give it such power
The future will depend on the choices we make today

We can choose to continue self pity
and allow the past to continue to determine our future
or we gather the courage
and take responsibility.
We see that the past is over.
Today we have again freedom of choice.
if today we choose the right thing
our past will not have any power over our future.

We have to live in the present.
the past has passed and cannot be changed
The future is not yet here.
Making the right choices now will help the future
and will make the present so much more pleasant.

A Pleasant Present
I wish you a pleasant present
The past has permanently passed
We can nurture the future

but the only moment
we enjoy is the present

We do not have to let the past
having negative effects that last

Let us be aware and become mature
make new choices for a brighter future

Let your present
be truly pleasant

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