Saturday, 23 April 2016

Peace is ours

Imagine the world in peace.
Hard to do?

Let us start with ourselves.
Make it quiet

Let there be some silence.
Only the breeze

Thoughts of anguish or anger
 All gone

Thinking only peaceful thoughts
or no thoughts at all

Peace is here now, just enjoy
Peace, peace, peace

Now imagine again all people
in the same peace

Imagine the whole world in peace
Not so hard to do


Actually my friends,
peace is a natural state
A gift of our God.

But what do we do with it?
Within our small own world
We kick it out.

Peace keeps coming back to us
But every day we kick it out
A gift we refuse

Our small self, our ego,
thinking the world is not fair.
Peace gone

Our small self, our ego,
talking harshly instead of full of love
Peace gone

Our small self, our ego,
feeling hurt about almost everything
Peace gone

Our small self, our ego,
thinking we are better than the rest
Peace gone

But the gift keeps coming back
Our God keeps giving it to us
day by day by day

One day we will accept it
Choose friendliness and kindness
no matter what

Peace will be ours
and we will spread it to those around
and they will spread it too.

No need to wait for tomorrow.
let us start today.


A small wish from me
of peace to you
of peace to your family
of peace to your friends
of peace to your colleagues
of peace to your world
of peace to our world
of peace to the world.

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