Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I want to start this reflection with a giant cliché:
The best things in life are free.

I know it is a cliché but it is so good to remember it.
Simple friendliness is one of the biggest gifts we can receive.
During my recent travel in Japan, I asked a passerby the directions to a certain shop.
He stopped in his steps, explained to me and went back about 100m with me to show me the shop.

This was such a big gift to me.

When I remember doing something similar for someone asking directions in our hospital,
I know that the gift is not only a present to the one on the receiving end of the kindness.
The good feeling, a present from our Creator, is as big for the giver of kindness and friendliness as for the receiver.

Simple acts of kindness, friendliness, FREE
No money! A huge gift for the one on the receiving end
A much bigger present still for the one on the giving end.
~truly, the best things in life are free~

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