Friday, 1 April 2016


Today arrived in Osaka, Japan.
After check-in in the hotel, a bit tired from traveling.
Taking a nap.
Our room on the 31 floor, which happens to be the top floor.

Not yet fully asleep suddenly our beds are shaking
and so does everything in the room.
The light hanging from the ceiling was moving vigorously.

We did not know what to do
We were afraid but did not panic
Lots of thoughts flashed through my mind.

After a few seconds which seemed like eternity
the shaking stopped.
I called the reception of the hotel.
They related that this was a minor quake which happens quite regularly here.
Nothing to worry about they said.
They said it very convincingly.
I was not too convinced but chose to believe them. 

Reflecting on the event,
I think whatever we do, there is some fate.
If that quake would have been a major  one,
there was nothing we could do.
Hide next to the bed and hope for the best.

It reminded me of our own mortality
It can happen any time,
any moment of the day.
If you read this, at least I have made it until the end of this writing :)

Just a few reflections ago (can click here), I was thinking about readiness in our lives.
Today I was a kind of forced to think about it again.
I hope at any time the balance of me making people smile versus me making people sad is tipping over to the side in favor of the making people happy but we are never sure. We may unknowingly make many people upset. On the other hand sometimes a small gesture may have unexpected positive effects on people as well.

Whatever happens, I hope that balance described in  the above paragraph is favorable.
I ask again to our Creator, please let me live my full potential.
I have a few more big ambitions
I am willing to work hard for them
and hope that "fate" is on my side....  :)

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