Saturday, 16 April 2016

Quotations, citations

I read about an Indian master dealing with a celebrated expert in religion as follows:

<A celebrity expert had been citing and reciting passages from the holy scriptures for about half an hour when the master said "I am waiting to hear you." as if it had been completely silent. The religious expert was puzzled.

"Quotations there have been, in superabundance." "But what original commentary can you supply, from the uniqueness of your particular life? What holy text have you absorbed and made your own? In what ways have these timeless truths renovated your nature? Are you content to be a hollow victrola, mechanically repeating the words of other men?">

I think here we strike a very important piece of truth.
What is the use of reciting holy scriptures without understanding?
I have encountered numerous people just doing that.
In many schools in the place where I live, students are learning to read Arabic
without any effort of the teachers to teach the meaning of the words they read.
Many children at a tender age have as such recited large volumes of scriptures
without understanding at all what they recite.

How much time is put in these efforts?
How much better the time could be spent in teaching the children good values?

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