Monday, 18 April 2016

Hard to believe

If you read the news,
it is so full of disheartening stories
of falsehood, corruption, decadency
that it would be hard to believe
that the world is changing fast for the better.

And yet it is!!
An idea whose time has come is simply unstoppable
The idea of random acts of kindness has come to the world
Anyone trying it, feels so fulfilled with peace and love
that it is spreading fast!

Slavery, women's rights, non-smoking,
all these things have changed so dramatically
over short time periods.
A few years before the change,
no one could imagine that it would go that fast.
Now all these have changed

So will it be with kindness in this world
If now you have a hard time believing kindness
is increasing fast everywhere all the time,
you will be amazed in a few years.

Hold on tight
A completely disruptive
enourmously gigantic
kindness revolution
is on its way

It is unstoppable
It will blow away all hypocrites
Lying leaders will fall deep and hard
a world of truth and sincerity lies before us
Hard to believe?

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