Thursday, 13 April 2017


Politicians, do we need them?
They rule us, instead of we them!
Demo is the people of a land
Cracy is power, the ruling hand.

My dear friends, I dream of a world full of love
And that soon all of humankind will get wise enough
to let rule kindness, helpfulness and affability
Come, my friends, dare to dream with me.

Imagine a providing, super nurturing society
Soaked in compassion, grace and sympathy
Few psychopaths, bad dudes, may always be there
But they will be the subject of tender loving care.

True power for each, the power that sits in the heart
Everyone living a life of love, playing their part.
The only rule is be kind, no need for bureaucracy
No need for politicians, just pure true democracy

Who will need power, if each of us just love
Who will need politicians, abusing power, so though,
Real power to people, inherently sweet and kind
no army, no jails, just ever lasting peace of mind.

Few wicked humans are loud and make us believe
The world is bad, a messy place full of thieves
It is high time that the loving majority makes some noise
Let this blog be the beginning of their loudest voice!

1 comment:

  1. I dream of a place with actionless government activity, but all things are duly well regulated :)

    Perhaps the first thing to start with is to be self-discipline and not to read any newspapers / online news / social media which talk about politics hahaha


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