Sunday, 16 April 2017

Different aspects

Yesterday had a small discussion with my son during a ride in the car.
These moments are perhaps among the moments I cherish most.

Somehow the topic was about being happy
and we discussed the four aspects of our being:
body, mind, heart and soul or
the physical world,      our thoughts/knowledge,
our emotions and         our spirituality.

I am not an expert in any of these fields,
but it feels like a balance between these four
may contribute to a certain harmony in our life,
while neglecting some in favor of other fields
may lead to problems.

Many years ago, (I think this was inspired by a book of Stephen Covey)
I used to draw a circle for my son with four quadrants
Then I asked him to think what were his ambitions,
his goals, his purpose in each of the four above fields.

For a long time now, many years, I have not even thought
about life, divided in these four areas and as we quite often do,
lived on without too much thought about goals and purpose.

When I came home after the ride with my son,
I gave it a try to fill in the quadrants of the circle for myself.
It reminded me of goals and purposes of old,
some of which seemed to have been "magically" achieved,
some of which had still quite a bit of work to be done.

Below is an example of the circle I used to draw
In the outer circle go the long term goals/purposes
In the second inner circle go the short term goals.
It is fun to give these things some thoughts
I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it too.


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