Saturday, 22 April 2017


When I read all the nonsense coming out of the USA in recent months, applauding violence, encouraging hatred and at the same time calling themselves staunch Christians, my stomach turns.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself
Turn the other cheek
Love your enemies

Were not the three lines in the above paragraph key teaching of Christ?

Did great leaders as Ghandi not prove how effective the principles of non-violence could be applied in the politics of one of the most populated nations of the world that was occupied by one of the most powerful colonial powers and get them to retreat and give independence to India without a major war?

Did great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. not prove that with a non-violence-approach to even the most wicked white supremacists, one can achieve the abolition of segregation policies and decades later even in America electing a black president?

Oh, my friends, we do not need violence.
Love is what the world needs.

We need a visionary approach to world politics.
Let us give enough power to UNICEF to make no children hungry
Let us give enough power to people to give all children equal educational chances.
We do not need more borders, stupid brexiters, stupid trumpists
We need less borders.

We are in need of a anti-hitler.
A demagogue who can convince us all to live in peace
A person with superb authority who can influence the thinking of all for the better
not for the worst
Perhaps what we see now happening in the US and other parts of the world, will be a last
lesson for humanity to learn forever about the enormous stupidity of violence.

Somehow we were made in a way to enjoy peace. NO ONE enjoys war
Somehow we were made in a way to enjoy kindness. NO ONE enjoys violence
Somehow we were made to enjoy love. NO ONE enjoys hatred.

Only wicked politicians try to benefit from war violence and hatred through mindless fear mongering. "The world is a dangerous place" Does it sound familiar? Nonsense to make gullible people believe they need these wicked politicians to protect them. Nonsense! Even though gullible immature people are still around in big numbers, slowly they get outnumbered by the more mature thinkers who see through this nonsense of fear mongering.

Let us all look again at the movie, Ghandi, let us read about him, let us be mature enough NOT to fall for the nonsense politicians rhetoric!

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