Saturday, 29 April 2017

Silence the violence

Just now I saw a video, titled, Silence the Violence
How many women still today suffer in silence?

There is no need.
Please let us intervene.
Intervene on behalf of the women suffering.
Not only for particular cases.
Let us tackle violence at a scale, sooo big,
that every single human even thinking about any form of violence
gets so thoroughly disgusted, that there is no place any longer for violence at all.

The main thing is education.
Education, not as in going to school and memorizing a lot of things,
solving a lot math problems and understanding physics in order to score ‘A’s.
No, we have had enough of this kind of education.
Our children need to be educated differently now

The high-tech of the future will harbor so many opportunities for wicked minds to
viciously destroy the whole world, that is it HIGH time to start sharing wisdom
The simple wisdom of kindness, of love. It has become urgent.

There is no other thing more important than teaching this to all children.
We have to stop the violence at schools, stop the violence at houses,
stop the violence in the streets, stop the violence between nations.

The teachings of non-violence, even when under attack,
have been proven to be the most effective ways to achieve whatever you want.
I keep referring to Ghandi and M. Luther  King Jr in this blog, but it is so true.

Let us truly understand how it works:

I am kind to you. You are happy. I am pleased with myself.
We were made that way. We are so pleased, so happy
if we manage to make someone else happy.
We get so much peace of mind,
if we manage to make someone happy.
We experience so much ease,
if  we manage to make someone happy.

Kindness is truly THE path to happiness.

And yet,
Today it seems more than ever true,
that people are again allowing themselves to become victims of Hitler-like figures,
who like to vilify, demonize certain groups, based on ethnicity and religion.
Today it seems more than ever true,
that demagogues manage to pump fear in gullible people, so the demagogues get power.
that these same demagogues get support for their violent approach,
causing only suffering and destruction, but then people laud them as heroes.
History has shown again and again the absolute absurdity of war.
And yet ,
And yet,...

Let us today as people with a certain wisdom
not endorse any of the demagogues instilling fear
not support ANY use of violence
Let us today as people with a certain wisdom
spread the message of peace
spread the message of kindness
of love, and honesty and all the good things of the world.
Let us today find 3 positive message and share them with everyone we know,
perhaps on Facebook, but also in our conversations.
Let us look for the good, be kind and create world full of peace.

Let us start today to
silence the violence
Domestic violence and ANY other kind of violence

At the end of the video, I mention in the beginning of this essay,
the teacher says to the victim: the shame is not on you.
That is so true: Shame on the violent people.
Shame on anyone supporting any type of violence!!!

Before I end this small essay on silencing violence,
I want to invite you to read also Tolstoy's masterpiece,
Clicking on the link will bring you straight to chapter one of the book

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