Friday, 21 April 2017


The naivety of idealists of today
will be the reality of tomorrow.

The next revolution will be

one of kindness
one of wisdom

the naivety of today

the reality of tomorrow!

The above small poem written in support of idealism
Let us all keep our ideals from our youth throughout our life.

In our society it is alright for teenagers to have ideals,
but as we reach our twenties, we tend to give them up
because if we keep them very much alive,
we tend to be labelled as dreamers, as naive.

If everyone would have kept ideals alive for much longer,
the world would now already be soooo different

Let us not wait any longer and
either rekindle our ideals of old,
keep our current ideals
or create some new ones.

The world needs a change
and we can do it!

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