Thursday, 8 June 2017

Unsafe but beautiful!

The world is not safe!

The terror is horrible and incredibly disgusting. 
That being said, if we put the things in perspective, 
in 2015 there were over 15 thousand murders in the USA alone. 
That is three times the death toll of 9.11 and 
about 7 hundred times more than the latest world-news-famous London bridge event. 
And that 15 K  is just in the USA. 

Murders do and did happen everywhere in big numbers, 
sometimes much bigger than we can imagine. 
Then let's talk about the chances of accidents killing us. 
Completely unsafe! 
Right, the world is not safe. 
It never has been safe.
Perhaps never any safer than now

But it is so beautiful. 
Millions of people have said today: "I love you"
(not to me :) , at least not a million :)) to one another, 
millions have given a small charity. 
Billions have greeted each other warmly this morning, 
millions have enjoyed an amazing sunrise, 
millions have uttered words of kindness and 
millions have enjoyed peace of mind 
because they made another one happy. 

So, let us be aware of the non-safety in our big world, 
but do not let the media and the politicians make 
our lives filled with fear and worries. 

Certainly I feel for the victims. The victims of London bridge, the victims of the other 15 K murders in the USA, the victims of hunger in Africa, the victims of traffic. I think we have a lot work to do, each of us, to make this world a bit better. And we can do that by being kind to more and more people every day. Let us spread kindness and love and it will slowly evolve as an epidemic, first slowly, then less slowly then a little fast until it becomes an avalanche of love and kindness, unstoppable, enveloping the whole world. 

Note: Wishing you a wonderful day filled with goodness and kindness,  I think it's a good time, now, to read  "in the air"  (clickable) 

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