Monday, 12 June 2017

Looking back

Looking back, at my life,
searching for the most happy moments,
somehow they were all moments of love.

Whenever love is strongly present in our life,
we tend to be happy.
We have so many examples of very famous,
very rich people who felt isolated, did not find love
and took their own life.
A life without love may be not worth living (?)

Love seems so important and very few of the 8+ billion people on this world
would disagree with that. Yet love seems so scarce, so scanty in this world.
Why is that?
I am not sure but I think I know at least part of the answer.
Maybe love is so scarce because we all get focused on receiving love
and appreciation without feeling the need to give love and appreciation.
I think there is much more happiness and peace of mind in giving love
that in receiving love. That may seem like a bit idealistic but it is true.

Looking back, the times I managed to give genuine and selfless love,
were really the best moments of my life.
Looking back, I remember times when I just went the extra mile to
do something loving and it brought such big peace of mind
Looking back, even the small gestures of love or kindness on the road,
giving way, gave me a peace of mind far greater than winning a small
battle with another driver to move into a narrow lane first.
Looking back, I think that perhaps people like Mother Teresa are
among the happiest people on earth. Simply giving love and service
without any expectation of getting something back. It fills so much our hearts
and minds with feelings of peace and love.
Looking back, many times when I chose to give love, I received love back
in great multiples. But even the times I did not experience this return of love,
these moments of giving love were still rewarding in big ways.

Looking back at my own life,
I got so much convinced that peace of mind and true happiness
lies in giving, not in taking, not in winning fights, ...
I pray and ask our Creator to help me to focus more on giving
and less on taking, less on winning.

If you have read this to the end,
I love you and let us give some love to others today.
Our heart is full of love and it seems like the more we give away,
the more our heart seems to be refilled with it.

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