Saturday, 17 June 2017


Waves of enchanting orange morning light

Broke on the shore of sand so white

The sea, colored by it in pastel, wonderfully,

Whispered to the sun, a bit angrily:

“Hey, this is MY shore, to break my waves

Please, dear sun, take back your wavy rays”

The sun, smiling a warm, kind smile at once

Explained with love, the principle of abundance

Of everything created, God gives more than enough

We can truly share all things on earth with love


  1. an ocean is immense because of her capacity,

    the vastness allows her to accept streams from hundred thousands of rivers,
    and millions of drains from the city.

    she can purifies water that flows in

    she can tolerate the rough and sharp edges of stones that roll in

    until they are smoothen

    A person is great when he/she can love, listen, forgive and be tolerant

    the capacity of a tolerable heart can not only purify a person's own mind

    but also able to lead and bring others enlightenment in life


    1. The orange morning,created by the rays of the rising sun,makes the morning beautiful as the rays hit the wonderful sea.The awesomeness of complementing each other!!


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