Friday, 16 June 2017

Horse or car?

(idea read in a book by Jonathan Haidt: The happiness hypothesis)
< Riding a horse.
If we ride a horse in a group it is not so difficult. 
One day while riding horse in a group of ten
He was riding on a small mountain path.
The horses were walking two by two
and he was on the outside of the path.
Suddenly the path made a very sharp bent to the left 
He could not go to the left because the other horse was there 
with his friend on it. 
He panicked, he froze.
He felt so powerless in the seconds before going over the edge.
But he did not go over the edge!
The horse knew how to take the bent
The horse had walked this path many times 
and it knew what to do 

Riding a horse, so different from driving a car.

If we drive a car, we have to control it completely.
If we do not steer it away from the cliff it will go over it.
And we may die. >

In our life, we are so used to drive a car
that we extrapolate it to so many other situations.
If we ride a horse, horses know

Worse if at work we drive the people working under us
as if we drive a car.
We tend to want to control everything,
taking away all creativity
But people working with us or under us
know, better still than horses,
what they have to do to steer safe.
Car driving type of leadership takes away
creativity, motivation and enthusiasm
The biggest assets from any organization

So let us lead without interfering.
Good leadership means guidance,
even in such a subtle way  that the followers feel they did
what they did and what they achieved, all by themselves.


  1. I totally agree.
    Especially when the driver is a lady

    (just kidding ^^)

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