Friday, 2 June 2017

In the air

We so often pray for love and peace and grace
Imagining it will come to us from a place far away.
If we pray in a truly reflective way
it becomes so clear and easy to see
that all goodness of our Creator is
something we bathe in day by day.
All we have to do is open our mind
open our hearts, open our souls
and let it all in.

I wish you all a day
filled with love, peace and grace
filled with kindness and compassion
filled with compassion

I'm plucking a pluck of compassion
I breathe a breath of tenderness
All just from the surrounding air
It's in the fresh air at the sea.

I stand under a shower of peace
I inhale a breath of happiness
All just from the free air
It's in the air all around me

Kindness swirls down from above
I take in a breath of lovely love
Just from the bluest of skies
It's in the sky everywhere

Come with me and enjoy
all the love, peace
kindness,grace, happiness
Let's pluck a big pluck from the air...

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  1. I feel so refreshed after reading this poem!



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