Saturday, 10 June 2017

Spark, flame or fire

We are not our thoughts; we can decide to stop thinking about something.
We are not our mind; we can use our mind in this or that way.
We are not our heart; we can to a certain extend control our emotions.
We are not our body; after the above it must be obvious.

But then, who is that "we" who is in control of mind body and heart?
That is the self, the soul, so closely connected to the conscience.
That conscience that is quite unchangeable.
We may decide not to listen to the conscience,
or reason our conscience into silence but our conscience
will always feel what is right and what is not right.

The soul, the self, the conscience sits inside of us
and is the spark that is able to communicate with
that highly creative Power in the universe, we tend to call our God.

By making it silent every day for a few minutes or even half an hour,
we give oxygen to that spark for it to become a flame.
By thinking, reflecting, praying thoughtfully, we allow the breeze
of the universe to make that light bigger.

All too often we allow the buzz and worries of every day to
deprive us of these few minutes of self reflection, to douse the flame.
But the spark never goes out and whenever we take time to make
it silent, think and reflect and allow some positive thoughts,
that sparks lights up.

Let us all make it silent today, long enough
to make that spark a flame and who knows,
perhaps a superb guiding fire,
a fire of soul that enthuses
us in whatever we do.

If more people would carry their soul
as a fire within, the world would change so fast :)

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