Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Reflection 68 (anger and God)

Anger and God

So many people like to talk about the anger of our God
When I told my sons that our Creator does not get angry,
they gave a me a hard time.

I really believe I have a point and
this is what I told them in response:

Anger is one of the lowest human experiences.
Some thing we do not like makes us temporarily insane
We lose control.
Anger makes us say things we did not want to say
makes us do unacceptable crazy things

If you believe in our God, do you really think it is right
to project such temporary insanity onto our God?

I think if we get to know anger a bit better and
we get to know a little better our God,
none of us will still project anger on our Creator.

God is also not vain
See reflection 71 for a short essay on how some people consider our God to be vain.

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