Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reflection 82 (appreciation)


About a year back, my dear father died of Alzheimer

In the final months and year, he needed so much care.
And up to now I am really grateful that he got the care he needed
I would like thank all those people who contributed

Now that is easy to see and easy to say
But in the heat of the problems, we often see the imperfections and how the people could take still better care than they do. I think we have at all times a choice  of incredible importance to make. If these imperfections are the point of our focus we will become critical and dissatisfied. On the other hand if we decide to accept some of the imperfections and get focus on all good intentions and good things that are happening in the care, we will be able to express our appreciation. We do not have to accept bad care but we cannot expect perfect care

Everybody needs appreciation so much.
We thrive on appreciation.
Surely if we get appreciation, we will be extra motivated.
That goes for caregivers as much as for anyone of us.

I did express my appreciation to the caregivers of my father on and off
I feel I should have given a lot more appreciation still at that moment
But then again, i am not perfect.

I try to learn a bit from my own imperfection through reflection.
A reflection I am sharing with you.

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