Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reflection 79 (grandmother willow)

Grandmother  willow

Today, a distant acquaintance came to ask for a large sum of money to 'borrow', far exceeding 1/10th of my basic salary. The need he was in was huge but I was unable to verify completely whether or not it was completely true and if  true, whether or not he would get better after this as for the need not to recur

A difficult decision. Should I give and run the risk of allowing others to have blatantly cheated on me? Should I not give and run the risk of missing a big opportunity to help someone in a big way?

My heart told me I would be much happier, have much more peace of mind with the first solution (giving). If I would find out later, I was cheated, I would feel bad about it. But if I would not give and find out later the huge need was real and he would have been ready to improve on his ways so the huge problem would not recur, I would have not have felt bad but truly miserable.

I am so sure that a certain percentage of beggars are crooks.
I am equally sure that a certain percentage of beggars are in big need.

Let us follow our heart and not sacrifice our good deeds for the needy by the ugliness of a few crooks. On the spot we cannot say who is who, so lets give to the crooks, lets give to the needy. The needy will benefit greatly and give us peace of mind. Let the crooks suffer in their own greed. The problem is not ours, it's theirs.

If we are in a dilemma to give or not to give. Let us think about the benefit of doubt and listen to our heart.
Grandmother Willow said so clearly to Pocahontes: Listen to your heart!

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