Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Reflection 73 (water)


This morning I was drinking a few glasses of water.
This is so important. A good amount of water helps us hydrate our body.
It allows our blood vessels to open and so all the good in our blood can reach freely the tissues.

If we do not drink enough our vessels constrict and blood flow reduces, our tissues suffer.
It logical to assume that an adequate water intake can help us prevent diseases.

But here I suggest to give an extra dimension to your next glass of water.
Hold it in both hands, think about all the good it can do to our body and silently, in the depth of your heart say thanks to mother nature for providing you with clean and pure water to make your body healthy. ~This will create a completely different experience. After you drank the water, imagine it running to the most remote areas of your body, your fingertips, your toes and say thanks again. 

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