Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reflection 83 (the path)

The path

There is a path we can follow
That path in the middle that is paved with diamonds

That path we walk only if we listen to the universe
if we listen to our consciousness, if we listen to our God
The words honesty, purity, kindness devotion are engraved on it,
When we follow the path, that central path, we know we are on the right track

But often we tend to get off the path
The diamond pavement changes to stones, sand
The further we get, the more muddy it becomes
until we get stuck in the mud

Then a wonderful relative or best friend comes along
and pulls us back, back to the path, the central path.

It is hard if you see your teenage son get off the path
Whenever they left the path before a small tug brought them back
When teenage years have come, you give a small tug
But it is not effective. You pull a bit harder, still not effective
You pull with all your force and the peers pull harder in the opposite direction
It is hard.
It is hard to see your teenage son get quite far off

And here comes the critical part.
If our pull, our real hard pull is not effective
our natural response becomes anger.
Deep disappointment, resulting in anger
Deep hurt resulting in anger
Deep anger sometimes going to hatred

Anger no longer pulls, anger pushes.
Anger pushes them further away.
if we pray and reflect, we can discover only 1 solution:
Unconditional love, not the weak one
A principled unconditional love, laying out some rules
with inherent consequences, but without anger.
conveying the love we feel and why the principles are so important
 Continued unconditional love, principled unconditional love
can be the strongest pull we ever exert.
the slightest weakening of the pulling factors form peers
may be effectively counteracted by the unconditional love.

It is hard to see your teenage son not follow the rules
It is hard to see them move a bit from the right path
It is hard to see our well meant pull is not working
It is hard to not give in to anger that would immediately become a push
It is hard to choose love, unconditional love, principled unconditional love
But I keep praying and I keep the strong hope alive,
that all teenage sons and daughters who went off the path
will one day come back and learn that love is the path.
All have the capacity to love
We need time and patience.

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