Thursday, 24 July 2014

Reflection 80 (the kings)

The kings

How do you become a king?
If you are born in a royal family, that may tremendously help.
But these families have not been royal for forever.
How did the first king of a royal family become royal in the first place?
History suggests that it was NOT because they were the nicest people in the nation.
Was it not often the most violent ones taking the throne?
Did honesty help them to get the throne? Or respect for fellow people?

Keeping the above in mind, I often wonder why, in the 21st century, royals are still so popular.
The traits that helped people on the throne, centuries ago, are most likely nothing to be proud of.
So to be a direct ancestor of these people, should not be something to be super proud of either.

If one sees the amount of protocol they sometimes demand, it is astonishing.
Most people will still greet kings with very special greetings.

But if we look deep in our own heart,
do not the people humbly serving us and our community for (often) a low salary deserve as much our respect and our special greetings? Let us, at least for today, treat everyone we meet as if they were a king or queen. Wouldn't the world be fantastic?

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