Sunday, 13 July 2014

Reflection 72 (ten small ones)

A wonderful story of a girl buying a birthday cake for the younger brother of her friend.
The apparently small act was meaning a huge thing for the boy from a real poor family who received on that occasion his first birthday cake ever.

Sometimes we think we do small acts of kindness and think they not have a big effect.
Perhaps that is true for many of our small acts of kindness but perhaps 1 in ten do have a major effect on the hearts of the humans around us.
Ten small ones

Let us perform every day ten seemingly small or even very small kind acts, like just a smile, the opening of a door, letting someone go first or just be kind in your very own way. The impact you make in other people's lives may be huge. In a year we will have done more than 3000 small kindnesses and if just one tenth has an unexpected large effect, we will have three hundred people really happy, just because one of our seemingly small kindnesses.

Here I want to share my poem, Speck-of-significance. Enjoy

Speck of significance

In the universe, a human so small,
Looking just like a speck of dust
But born with a mind and a soul
And able to think, love and trust.
Many think that as a human, just one
Not a positive change can be made, nothing great
What could a good deed selflessly done
Ever mean in a world full of hate?

But if a butterfly in India, flapping its wings
could cause a storm over the Atlantic
Just see how one of the small insignificant things
Can have an effect, so gigantic
Then why would your simple random kind act
Just by chance or by divine intervention
Not snowball and have a huge impact,
Perhaps a kindness revolt of enormous dimension

So in each of our lives we must
Make a choice of incredible importance
Do we want to be just a speck of dust
Or a speck of significance. 

(PS: if you click on the link above, you will be taken to 'PoemHunter' where the poem is read out in a video on top of the poem. I have been posting poems on PoemHunter since 2010 (*under the author name Aufie Zophy) and the website administrators have recently put voice and music on most of the poems.)

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