Friday, 2 October 2015


I was just hearing the song,
Non, non, ne rien a changé;
Tout, tout a continué
from les Poppy's

It is a French song from a young girl
She had been praying and hoping for the world to change.
But after one year she still could see all the guns and canons in the television
and she concluded that nothing was changing.

Perhaps true, if you look from year to year, we cannot see a lot of change.
However, if we start looking decade per decade, life is changing so fast.
Can you remember how smoking has changed during the last ten years
from a fashionable habit to a despicable addiction. Smokers are caged in smoking rooms .
Sometimes I pity them, but within another decade smoking and the whole industry around it may cease to exist. World opinion about so many things is changing fast. Wisdom is on the increase.
Motivational books are at anyone's fingertips. Charity is a trend

Oh, yes greed and violence is still not out of the world.
If that girl who was singing her song perhaps in the late seventies,
is still basing her world view on what she sees in TV, she may still be convinced that nothing is changing.

IF you do not manage to see major changes in the past decade, try thinking in centuries.
last century we were in the middle of world war 1. The Germans had invaded so many countries.
The great depression was still on its way, antibiotics had not been invented, travel was for most people mainly by foot.

Even though I like the rhythm of the song by les Poppy's, the text makes not sense at all.
If we base our worldview on the guns we see in television, we are sooo far from reality.
We will see guns in television long time after all guns have been rusted away from disuse.

Yes, yes, everything is changing
And it is changing fast and for the better.
Dare to see it. This is not naive optimism
It is a simple sense for reality

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