Saturday, 3 October 2015

Please write

Please my friends, do write.
Write about your feelings, about your soul
Write about your thoughts, about your heart
Write about the beauty in your life, your gifts

It is so important that we express ourselves.
Half of you is you
The other half is your expression.

You just write. Initially we tend to keep it for ourselves
Then we put a small verse on the internet.
We are a bit afraid, a bit shy, but no need.
Our expressions are ours.
In the whole wide world of more than 7 billion,
there will be people who can connect to your expression.

I was reflecting just now on the upcoming monsoon season
and I bumped into one of my writings. It was a joy for my heart.
I relived the moment and yes, here it is:
Elegant violence

After five days of gloom
and dark monsoon,
sparks of colour in the sunrise
betray an enticing pause in the season

Strong winds still stand
and sweep up white chunks of water
that jump out of the sea
in violent bouts of elegance

(Aufie Zophy)

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