Friday, 23 October 2015


Today something makes me really angry
Netenyahu claims that a Muslim Mufti inspired Hitler to perform the Holocaust.

Stupidity at it extremely highest level
How can any homo sapiens give a leader like this still a grain of credibiility

Not any Muslim, Not any German, Not any Jew, who had any say in the politics of the 1920s or 1940's  is still alive today. So whoever performed cruelties during world war 1 and 2 is now in the grave.

So what can be done now? Are you responsible for the sins of your grandparents?
All that can be reasonably done today is to watch these cruelties performed.
Shiver and vomit on them in ultimate disgust.
And do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make sure that NOT ONE human again in this century is repeating similar cruelties.

It is so amazing that even though as humans we have made it to the moon
We are analysing our very own DNAs
But still we kill each other as the worst living beasts over things that have happened in a distant past when no one alive today had any hand in the things happening.

Please let us come to our senses,
Please please please...

Holocaust has been cruel and should be carved in our memories as a enormous stupidity of our human ancestors. To seek revenge or do anything that even smells like this in today's world is continuing that enormous stupidity.

Please let us come to our senses,
please please please

Lock up people like Netenyahu immediately. Or at least remove him from politics. World press, journalist, ignore anything what this moron says or tries to insinuate to justify his own cruelties against a whole nation. These are dangerous men in powerful positions. Let us  not allow anyone to rise or better descend to the level of Hitler...

We are much more advanced and there is no place in this world for politicians thinking like devils of the last century.

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