Thursday, 15 October 2015

Race to comfort

Happiness for many of us, seems like a race towards wealth, luxury and comfort.
While it is super pleasant to spend time in luxury and comfort,
the race towards it seems like never ending never fully satisfying.

Media play a nasty role in demonizing sadness.
If we want to spend time with butterflies,
chasing them may make them just fly faster away from them while
spending some peaceful time in a wonderful garden may make them just land on our shoulder.

I like the butterfly comparison to happiness.
If we just stop chasing, give up the phobia of its absence
it may just come and sit with us and follow us on many ways.

I love comfort and luxury.
I am blessed with some means to purchase it.
But still my most happy moments are when I manage to contribute something,
contribute something to the world, by serving someone else in a nice way.

I am dreaming of a wold where we all happily serve others and others serve us in the same way
Giving comfort, receiving comfort, enjoying the giving, enjoying the receiving.

Wow, I think this getting perhaps a bit too feely.
Still I hope you have enjoyed this small reflection.

PS: I am not a big believer in magic 
but this really works like magic:
The more comfort we give, the more we receive.

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