Friday, 9 October 2015

The shower of doubt

I opened my mind
The water started running
Thoughts were kind
The effect was stunning

All of us have our own beliefs
Some believe absolutely in God
Other believe absolutely that there is no God
Some believe in one scripture as the final truth
Others believe in other scriptures as the final truth
Still others believe in no scriptures.

As humans we have to believe
There are so many existential questions
that are in each our mind.
All search for truth, Truth with capital T

We tend to believe what our eyes tell us
But then our eyes see rainbows and horizons
which are not really there

We tend to believe what scientists tell us
Even far fetched hypothesis like the big bang*
But there is often no proof and theories keep changing

(*they claim since the universe is expanding,
once it must have been extremely small,
They forget that almost everything in the universe oscillates
like waves. It may well be that after a few thousand years of expansion
it shrinks for a few thousand years and then expands again )

We tend to believe what preachers tell us
Religions are many but within each religion
beliefs are strong.

Beliefs are good. They guide us through our life
But many a times, our beliefs become certainties
Once we allow beliefs to become certainties,
the certainty locks our mind,
Nothing else can enter, Nothing can go out
We stop growing

Certainties make further growth impossible:
mental growth
emotional growth
spiritual growth
completely impossible.

If on and off, we check our beliefs
Put a filter on what preachers, scientists and our senses tell us
let the shower of doubt flow
It may help us grow in unexpected amazing, yes stunning ways

Keep the windows of the mind open
Every other human being can teach us something
If filtered with the filter of our soul and ratio
We will keep growing
bit by bit closer to the truth, the Truth

Let us try to avoid the madness of certainty
because it blocks all growth

Let the shower of doubt on and off flow
It may clean our pores and heart
of fallacies, hypocrisy and prejudice.

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