Saturday, 24 October 2015

Just thanks

I want to give thanks
for all these good souls
for all these wonderful youths
for all the goodness in this world

Today we had a fun event for children
The efforts from our students were amazing
Selfless contributions, nameless just for the children
All young people fully engaged in doing good.

Thank you so much,
It has been so wonderful today.

Today we had this fun even for kids.
The past few days had been full of haze
Last night it had rained in Bachok.
It was still raining in Kota Bharu
But our skies were clear
and a pleasant breeze stood firm

I want to give thanks
thanks for the weather
and these beautiful coincidence
that sound more like magic than coincidence

Today we had this fun event for special kids
It was so super. A fantastic clown came

Thank you so much,
Our youth, our students have a warm heart in their chest
I am so grateful and just wanted to write a small thank you prayer

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