Thursday, 1 October 2015


Slowly humankind is moving from greed to kindness.
We do have very good reasons to speed up this movement

Technology and science keep advancing exponentially
posing exponentially big dangers to the existence of our humans

Greedy malicious men or women may do greedy malicious things
leading to malicious results for our species.

It is high time we manage to replace the greed and malice by overwhelming kindness
It is the most logical thing to happen. We have been on the slow limb of the exponential curve
for tremendously long. We have slowly improved the care for orphans, we have slowly done away with the oppression of women, we have slowly done away with slavery, we have slowly removed apartheid, ...

Surely the inflection point and the sharply upwards limb of the exponential curve of our kindness revolution cannot be far away. It is the most logical thing to happen. We have been far too long searching for happiness in the very wrong place. Hard working farmers enjoy often more peace and happiness than cheating billionaires who get only stress and worry about the possibility of being caught. How much clearer can it become, how much cleverness does one need to see that peace and happiness reside in kindness and honesty. It is the most logical thing to expect that humanity gets wise enough soon to enjoy everlasting kindnesses from each other.

It becomes a bit urgent however. Let us all speed it up by performing at least one random act of kindness every day. Who knows one of your 365 kind acts in a year may inspire a thousand others and snowball into a hurricane of kindness that makes up the critical point of the exponential curve.

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