Monday, 18 January 2016

A little comfort

11.30 pm.
I just came back from the hospital.
Counseling parents of a baby with multiple abnormalities at birth.
Sad. So sad to talk about all the problems that the baby faces.
So sad to see the parents holding back the tears.

Tomorrow the father has to leave for a mission with the army
The mother stays in the hospital to be near to the baby.
She was staying a special room for people accompanying patients provided by the hospital.
I know these rooms are not the most comfortable to spend the night.
So I tried to get the mother a bed in our facility for mother and baby, rooming in.
I guess I was lucky, a bed was available for the mother.

There was no smile, but the expression of deep sadness on the face of the mom, showed some relief, at least she will spend the night in a more comfortable place.

Sometimes as doctors all we can do is trying to make it a tiny bit more comfortable..
And just a little comfort in the most difficult of situations can make a difference, worthwhile pursuing.

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