Friday, 15 January 2016


If we reminisce about the future,
the future of any aspect of our life
be it work, be it family, be it our community,

many of the potential scenarios for the future seem to be bleak

However there are most of the time an equal or even larger number of lofty scenarios
that are also possible and have also the potential to become true.

While we cannot ignore the bleak scenarios, it may be a good idea
to keep our focus on one of our favorite rosy scenarios.

This will allow us to work positively towards them
If we keep our minds set on what we really want,
our mind will detect opportunities that are sometimes
lying in half hidden corners.

Our mind will focus on the good outcome
and this will arm us with the "sharpest" weapons to fight the doom bringers
I mean her sharp in a very figurative way, 'cause I am a strong believer in non-violence.

So keep our mind focused on what we want.

Keeping our focus on what we want
will increase our chances of getting it tremendously.

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