Sunday, 24 January 2016

The first leaf

The living fresh greenness
of the first leaf of spring
Sure a perfect sign she is
of the most wonderful thing:

Soon the whole crown of the tree
will be covered with a luscious bed
of fresh, green leaves for all to see
How much nicer can it ever get?

The amazing moment
of the first bud of a flower bed
unfolding into a full rose
a sign of a wonderful thing:

Soon the full flower bed
will unfold into a feast
of adorable  colours
countless flowers in their full glory

and so is too the living fresh kindness
of the first humane act done today
sure a perfect sign it is
of the most wonderful way:

Soon the whole wide world
will be engulfed in a kindness sea
Quick go and spread the word
Nothing better could happen for you and me :)

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