Saturday, 30 January 2016

Space and light and rain

I loved the spouting coconut
It got a special place
I loved the casuarina shoot
It got a special place

The coconut and casuarina shoot
Shared a common garden
The sunlight shone for both
And so did nourishing rain

One grew a thousand leaves
Tiny needle shaped and small akin
One grew a few giant leaves
Majestically waving in the wind

Phenomenal beauty of the casuarina
Its oxygen was shared for free
In perfect harmony with the loveliness
Of the superb amazing coconut tree.

So different, my two cherished trees
And yet loved by God so much the same.
A fully fulfilled potential each
‘cause someone cared, each in a special place

The huge diversity of each of us
Is to be celebrated in every way
But all deserve the care and rights
To reach their full potential day by day

So let's give to all children dear
equal space and 'light' and 'rain'
full potential for each to achieve
Diverse, but how we all would gain!

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