Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kindness revolution

The kindness revolution
An exponential chain of increasing acts of kindness
randomly performed by an ever increasingly rapid increasing number of people

It is just around the corner
The crooks will feel only shame
Politicians may be the last to jump on board
But no-one will be opting out in the end

Peace and happiness
are to be found in kindness

Soon everyone will be aware of that
and all will join the....


A small poem: 

Tired at night, I went to sleep
I slept tremendously deep
I slept a very long time

I woke up in October of 2110
and some history books of then
were laying in that room of mine

How exciting it was, how queer
to read the history of the coming years
I was in for quite a surprise

The heroes of the 2010's history books
were labelled as what they were, just crooks
Heroes in 2110 were nobody else than the wise

There were some wise people, so clever
who brought to us kindness and wisdom forever
these were the heroes of 2110

Among the heroes, prophets and thinkers were found
poets of wisdom, their names all around
Sages and wise ones from way back,2010

In 2110, from what I could read
there was no longer hunger, no more greed
thanks to the poets sharing wonderful words

I prayed to go back to the time when I had started to sleep
I wanted to share that news, so good, so profound and deep
I was happy to wake up in the now, my prayers were heard

So here I share the wonderful news at last
That greed and hunger will soon be a thing of the past
it all 'll have started in 2016 during spring

History books of the future mention a kindness revolution
Starting in May 2016, affecting all subsequent evolution
Isn't that a wonderful thing?

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