Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Why is it so difficult

(inspired by M. Williams)

Why is it so difficult to forgive and forget?
Somehow the ego has been hurt
and somewhere it feels good to us to hold on to this hurt.
If we release the  hurt, it looks like we lose the right to something.
As long we hold on to the hurt, we have the imaginary right for revenge
As we hold on to the hurt we have the right to complain,
and receive the pity of other friends who are close to us.
The right to hate, to be angry.

Now, is the right to revenge, to complain, to receive pity, to be angry,
is this right a game of the soul or a game of the ego?

If we give up the hurt, if we find it in our heart to truly forgive and forget,
we 'll give up all these nasty ego-rights and privileges.
The ego is not too happy about that and calls out: "NO".

The hatred, the complaints, the revenge hinder our own progress, our own growth.
The ego does not care too much, as long as it can have its own perceived dominion.
The hurt we cling onto has the potential to make the culprit feel guilty
If the culprit does not feel guilty, we can search revenge and make him or her feel sorry.
Our ego feels superior, feels good if it can make someone feel worse than itself.

Hatred never heals. it continues as a negative emotion to damage our peace, our own happiness.
So is with revenge, and the right to complain.

What does our soul want?
It is time, high time to sit quietly, think about all our grudges, all our anger
Have a small fight between soul and ego and then,... let go, just let go of the right
to all these nasty things, let go and forgive, let go and forget.
Start anew and experience the friendship.
Start anew and get true peace of mind,
that very essential component of happiness.

Have you with your whole heart and soul ever forgiven?
How did that feel at a soul level? at a heart level?
If you are like other people, it will make you feel great, relieved, filled with peace of mind.

The negative emotions burn our skin, our mind, our heart and soul.
I wrote a small poem about this for my two sons:
dont-touch-it (You can click on this previous post in the blog or read it below)

Have you seen a fire?
I mean a big one with high flames?
Any human touching it
Will suffer intense and lasting pain

Such is the law of nature
Nothing else could happen or be
Touching flames causes pain
Isn't that easy to see?

Hatred is also like fire
It burns upon every touch
Pain is intense and lasting
Excruciating destruction, so much

Such is the law of nature
Nothing else could happen or be
Touching hatred causes pain
It is not difficult to see

And so is also anger
A blaze of uncontrolled heat
You touch it and bad burns
Are the only outcome to meet

Such is the law of nature
Nothing else could happen or be
Touching anger causes pain
It is not difficult to see

Lies of any nature or kind
Like smouldering ashes so hot
Touch lies and you suffer
Lies may seem OK but they're not

Such is the law of nature
Nothing else could happen or be
Touching lies causes pain
It may not be easy to see

Honesty love and kindness
Are like a cool breeze on a hot day
My boys, these laws of nature
Are here forever to stay

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