Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The big aim

The workplace is a place where many of us spend close to half of our waking hours.
How important, it is to make the work place a place of joy and happiness and satisfaction.

If we manage to achieve this for us and our colleagues, the chances are great that we will have a smooth running workplace.

Surely some rules need to be observed.
But these rules need to serve the people in the work place
and not the people in the workplace to serve the rules.

Outcomes need to be achieved. 

Leaders need to inspire the people to achieve these outcomes
while enjoying the workplace, where they spend so much time

Many more things can be achieved when people feel they can be creative and actively involved in developing their own talents to contribute the common success of the workplace.

The big aim is to achieve great things, but one of these great things is surely happiness and job satisfaction.

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