Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hitler gathered so much authority
that he managed to corrupt the minds of the masses
in favor of evil and violence within a short time.

Would it be possible that soon we get someone
gathering so much authority, perhaps more than Hitler
to move the minds of the masses in the other direction:
towards a true and all encompassing kindness revolution?

I can see clearly that this is possible.
We need authority for the good.
Not liars and power-sick politicians,
but true advocates of compassion and kindness

Looks sometimes a bit that people like Mother Teresa
Ghandi and the Dalai Lama are among the persons
preparing the path for such an authority to come.

Somehow, our elected leaders of today, in many countries,
are willing to give up all their own moral values,
practice all kinds of evil, just to obtain massive wealth.

Outwardly they seem to be doing well.
But inwardly they must be wrecks.
The moments they are true to themselves
they must hate themselves so much.

Oh, my dear good friends,
we need an authoritative figure
Authority for love, care, kindness, empathy.
If Hitler can corrupt the mind almost all Germans in less than ten years,
Surely a new authority, standing for the GOOD,
might be able to influence the mind of almost all people on earth for the better.

Let us all within our small communities, become authorities for the GOOD.

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