Tuesday, 15 November 2016


One of the biggest confusions in this world arises from
the poverty of the English Language for certain words:

1. Love
The meanings of love are so diverse and yet so similar.
If the different meanings of love would have different words,
our world would perhaps be a lot less confused.

The meaning of love as in being in love is an infatuation.
It is a powerful and wonderful feeling that falls on us from the sky
and that most often falls out of us again within a reasonably short time.
It comes almost invariably with the illusion of being eternal

The meaning of love as in "love thy neighbour as thyself"
or in the sense the Dalai Lama talks about loving our fellow humans,
is something completely different. This type of love, has 2 sub-meanings
Love as a do-word (verb): we love when we do something loving for people
Love as a noun: the feeling associated with doing loving things.

If we remember some of the most famous songs, like "love hurts"
or some of the heartbroken "love"- poems, it is invariably about the 'in love'-love.

Doing simple loving things for our neighbours or even for strangers (almost) never hurts
Love in its meaning without the 'in' is so very different.

If we would have different words for in love and love and have a better understanding of the differences between the two, I think we would see a lot more happy couples in this world.

We always fancy -like in fairy tales- for the in love to last and live happily ever after.
If we fall out of love which almost always happens we feel there is something wrong and we feel we are with the wrong partner. But nothing is less true. IF we possess some wisdom we will replace the in love (the infatuation) with love (the verb) and create as such love (the feeling). In this way the infatuation may come back on and off for the same partner and we will enjoy the feeling that is endlessly more valuable still than the infatuation. We will be able to build a stable relationship which is essential for the well being of our children and in fact also ourselves. There are plenty examples of people (the most famous examples among the pop or movie stars)  who fly from infatuation to breakup to new infatuation to break up and new infatuation and break up and repeat the whole sequence many, many times. They tend to end up as wrecks and not rarely such a life ends in suicide or overdose of something illicit.

2. my next soul sprinkle will deal with another important word

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