Tuesday, 29 November 2016

True power

Somehow we were given the true power to choose
the values and principles we want to live our lives by.

But what do we do?

The values and principles, I want to live by are love and peace.
The power is mine to choose these principles at any time!
And yet so often I give away that power to others,
to govern my actions and emotions with their principles.

 I want to share a true story from yesterday:

It is about a loving and generous young man who loves to help people.
He had agreed to meet his friend at 3 PM.
The friend did not turn up and was not contactable at the time.
That was mean of that friend.

The young man became upset, gave away his peace of mind.
He was grumpy for the rest of the day.
Everyone he met, was told in a loud way about how bad that friend was.

The young man could have stuck with his principle of love and generosity
and have imagined a situation where that friend was stuck somewhere
in traffic with a telephone that had a flat battery, or he could have chosen
to just pity the guy for his lousy behaviors and lack of manners.

Instead he gave away the power to control his own principles to that friend.
That friend had been mean. He had allowed his own principles and values
to be determined by his friends values and principles.

We have the power to choose.
We do not have to let others or circumstances determine
our values and principles by which we live.
It is our choice. Our TRUE POWER. 

If we choose love and kindness, the meanness of others cannot change this.
If the actions of others determine how we behave (kind or mean),
we give that enormous wonderful power to them, to the circumstances.
Let us starting today with fully exerting this enormous personal power!
Maybe easier said than done, but worth to try, isn't it?

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