Saturday, 19 November 2016


Happiness is a word with at least two very different meanings.

When i get food, it makes me happy (blij in Dutch, gembira in Malay)
When I drive my new car it makes me happy (blij, gembira)

But when I call my auntie who is 84 years old and very lonely
something much more profound is happening:
It touches my inner self, my inner being, my soul
I am happy (gelukkig in Dutch, bahagia in Malay)

In English blij is maybe closer to gaiety
and gelukkig to having peace of mind
But in both Malay and Dutch these two
are not used interchangeably by the same word

I think most humans should strive to get peace of mind - type - of - happiness
Perhaps if the English language as such would have a sharper distinction between the two types of happiness, it may be likely that less people would trick themselves in doing all to get the temporal type of happiness f material wealth, power and ego gratification. <?>

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